Is advertising with Google Ads worth it?

Absolutely not. unless you want to lose your time and money

Jan 19, 2024 - 18:39
Jan 19, 2024 - 19:26
Is advertising with Google Ads worth it?

whenever you sign up with Google ads, you will get a call from Google support offering to help you,

they will ask you a few questions and they will give you a monthly estimate budget and ask you to fund your Google ads with that amount.

They will also assign you an an Expert, ( not to help you ) but to create ad campaigns for you.

the ad campaign expert will assign you a code conversion expert, that will make you (copy-paste an existing ad code ) and paste it into your website. now if this ad code shows a problem later they will never ever contact you or answer any of your emails, it is over.

then the ad campaign expert, will contact you and ask you to show him your screen, and then he will tell you,

click here click there, click here click here done I have to go.

Why you clicked here not there why you chose this not what you have done you have absolutely no idea.

the next day you check your account you will see that most of your money has disappeared,

how why you will never know, you will be able to see a few numbers under clicks and impressions, and a lots of numbers under cost. and if you go to check your conversion code , there will be either error the conversion code is IN-Active or the there is ZERO conversion.

go to your website you will see the same ZERO sign ups.

now call the Google customer support or email them , you will never ever receive any email,

and if you send too many emails or made many calls, ( which they will never answer ) or emailed them saying you will complain or given them a bad review, next day you will find your Google ads account suspended.

That is the first struggle, then if there still any money left in your account with them, you will face another straggly in trying to get them back.

Struggling with refund by itself needs another article.

and this is explains why there are PAID Google Ads expert there offering their services, because trying to advertise by yourself will result in wasting your time and money, and you will never ever get any support from Google support which I call them Google Loot , these too need a separate article,

so the only options you have is either hire paid Google Ads expert or just quit advertising with Google ads, and I advice you to quite advertising with Google ads, because the paid expert will cost you a Fortuin.

But you need to advertise then what you should do??

There are tons of other places you can advertise in them, and you can do that by yourself their system does not need a certificate in robotic science to be able to use it, like Google Ads.

Their systems are simple and Stright forward, some of these places are:

  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Quora
  • StudAds
  • ELeavers

There might be much more but these the ones that I know about, in which your advertising time will pass like a breeze. and you will not have a painful time like the one given by Google Ads.



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