Unveiling Hidden Gems - The Underrated Video Game Options

List of video game options that are lost in this crowded market and deserve a bit more attention.

May 22, 2024 - 10:55

In this video gaming industry, you must have heard and played almost quite many of those popular titles and can vouch for their graphics and storylines, but here we have brought to you a list of other titles that are lost in this crowded market of video games and deserve a bit more attention due to their graphic-rich experience, intricate storylines, and unique gameplay experience.

Some of the Underrated Hidden Gems

  • Alice: Madness Returns

 The story follows the adventure of a girl named Alice Liddell who suffers from trauma after her father’s death and is detained in an orphanage for mentally traumatized orphans, from where Alice stumbles upon Wonderland to know the truth about her past, where the game begins. Alice: Madness Returns is termed to be a psychological horror game, which has a surprise on every level.

The graphics are smooth with appealing visuals in the game. It follows a gothic art style with rich colors, and the darkly imagined graphics bring an eerie twist to Wonderland. The game set represents the nightmares Alice is getting and the player needs to come out of those nightmares.

  • Crush

 Crush is quite an old game and a unique puzzle platformer that throws out challenges that can be changed from a 2D to a 3D perspective. The game revolves around a character named Danny, who is shown traveling through his subconscious to conquer his inner demons. Crush gives a fresh gameplay experience along with interesting and challenging puzzles. Crush involves clever mechanics throughout the gameplay and uses a minimalist art style which brings visual satisfaction. If you want to try out a refreshing puzzle game Crush should be your choice.

  • Vampyr

 This is an action RPG game with a twisting storyline where the player is a doctor who turns into a vampire. As the player moves through the streets they have to make choices about the inhabitants of the area along with satisfying their thirst for blood. The storyline is set in 20th-century London at the time of the Spanish Flu. Apart from being rich in graphics, the game provides a haunting visual effect, making the gameplay even more interesting with all its dark eye-catching imagery.

  • The Surge

 This is a sci-fi, RPG game that is a must-play for fans of this genre. The player controls the character Warren, who is stuck in a deadly game between his opponents and tries to find answers to the chaos. The players need to use a lot of strategic thinking and systematic gaming skills to move through this graphic-rich set. The game offers deep character customization along with some cool combat mechanisms throughout the gameplay.

  • Sunset Overdriven

 Be the hero and free the world of Sunset Overdriven from its mutant inhabitants in this open-world action game. The player takes up the character of a hero with a fascinating weapon set and a good grasp of acrobatics skills which helps them to survive throughout the game. This game is worth a try for its stylish graphics, humorous writings, and especially action visuals that keep the player fanatical about what’s going to happen next while moving through the land of Sunset Overdrive. Sunset Overdriven is a one-of-a-kind game with lots of fun suitable for people of all ages.


The Charm of Underrated Games

As the world of video games keeps evolving, it’s important to celebrate both well-known and understated games equally as they offer a variety of experiences.

These amazing video games are more than just games played in your pastime; they are each a masterpiece created with much thought and love. Each dwells upon a unique story, be it the villain's perspective of the world or the hero’s heroic deeds for the land. Although they have not received much appreciation from the masses, their storyline, characters, and most importantly their gaming experience prove to be worth getting added to a gamer's list.

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