How to Monetize Your Articles

How To Monetize Your Articles

Hello Writers, offers all writers who submit articles at the opportunity to Monetize their Articles, in which they will be able to earn from every view they get on their articles. 

To be able to monetize your articles you need to :

  • Submit at least 2 articles in any language, the articles must be.

1- Unique not submitted on any other website before.

2- Written by human beings ( Articles written by  AI or ChatGPT will be rejected ).

  • Send us an email with the subject:  A request to join the Monetization system
  • Include in your email your user name or email id which is registered with us.

That is All!.

With this, you can earn on every (Real & Unique) view on any of your articles. 

You can request to withdraw your payment whenever it reaches $5 or more.

Earnings will be paid through PayPal, Only.

With this, you have the opportunity to market your business through useful to-read articles and also earn from these articles.


The best way to generate Real & Unique views on your articles, is by:
Sharing your articles in your social media profiles, you can do that by viewing the published articles that you have submitted on and clicking on the share buttons that are above your published articles.

Important :    

  • Trying to generate fake views will result in the deletion of all your articles, and the suspension of your account.
  • Accounts suspended never get paid.
* Send your email to:   Admin(at)
Replace (at) with @ 

Happy Earning,



. is an article directory with different topics and in all languages, it aims to provide useful to-read content, articles written by experts in their fields

In the age of AI, ChatGPT, and spam-spun articles which are meant for getting backlinks only, exist in every article directory over the internet.  

These articles not only mislead readers but also make them lose the desire to read. is like the lotus in a dirty lake of useless content, which provides useful content written by real human beings who are experts in their topic.

Join us at as a reader or a writer if you have useful experience you wish to share it with the world.

We welcome writers from all fields and all languages, to share their writing with people thirsty for real true useful topics to read.

We also offer rewards in which we pay writers who wish to earn from their writing, we pay them in every view they get in their articles. ( Details at top ).

So if you are a writer, you are welcome to write and earn.

else welcome to read useful informative content.


Thank you,



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