ClickBank DigiStore24 Jvzoo and Amazon Affiliate Marketing Success

ClickBank DigiStore24 Jvzoo and Amazon Affiliate Marketing Success

Jul 8, 2023 - 17:11
Jul 17, 2023 - 06:33
ClickBank DigiStore24 Jvzoo and Amazon Affiliate Marketing Success

Get leads and generate sales, in no time, make 

Tons of money just like the professionals


in this guide, we will be teaching you how to make money with Clickbank, and you can apply the very same method with any other affiliate network, like Digistore24, JVZOO , Amazon, or whatever affiliate network you may use, all you need is to follow the very same process that is mentioned in this guide, and success should be yours. 
The secret source of traffic that we will be using to generate sales is, 
StudAds provide high-quality converting traffic, so it is a wonderful source of traffic, especially for affiliate marketing, as with StudAds you can advertise to your affiliate link directly, without the need for you to create a landing page.
I will give an example of how to advertise clickbank Affiliate links with ,
- Create an account , that should be simple and straight forward.
- login into your clickbank account
- from left menu click on the (Market place) see image

in the next page , select any category from the lest of categories in the left menu.
choose a category that you are familiar with its type.  
For example select Art, if you know anything about art, select eduction if you belongs to this sector, select computer if you know anything about computers...etc.
See Image :

In this example I will select the category ( Home Garden ) 
After clicking on the category of your choice , you will get list of products which is under that  particular category.
See image:

In the product list you will be able to see all the details, such as, Name, description, price and how much commission you will get if you generated a sale.
next to each product there is a PROMOTE button. click the promote button to any product you wish to market.
When you click on PROMOTE button a new popup window will open with the following details 
See image :

- At this stage you need to put your clickbank affiliate id, which is your clickbank user id,  in the account nickname field.
- for the field Tracking ID you can leave it empty.
- Now click on the button Generate Hop Link.
After you click on Generate hop link button you , your affiliate link/hop link will show in the very same page .
See image :
With this we have selected a product to market and we have generated our affiliate link to this product, now what we need to do is to start marketing this products using our affiliate link.
The best way to market affiliate links is though, and here is how we are going to advertise with
Go to:
- From the top menu click on (Advertisers Sign up)
we will get a from where we can compose our first ad campaign, and here is how we do it.
- In the field (Name your campaign )
you can put any name you wish, can be (My first ad campaign)
a campaign can have more than one ad.
- Now in create your ad, in the field name, here also you can use any name to your ad, usually you need to use the product name you are promoting.
* in the above example the product I have selected was about woodworking,
So I will name my Ad as woodwork.
See Image:

- Click on Upload image to upload an image ( can be any image you wish).
* But make sure to check (Scale the uploaded image to fit the size).
- Fill the headlines and the description lines as you feel fit.
* The final 2 fields Display URL and Destination URL.
Display URL has no effect it is just for display inside our ad, so it is just a show piece , in this field we can put any URL even a URL that does not exist, we better use a URL that suites our products.
Since my product is about woodwork , I will put in the Display URL 
* The field Destination URL, is what is important, this is the URL where we want to send the visitors to , so here we must put our target website, the website we are marketing the website we want the visitors to go to.
in our case we are marketing affiliate products so in the Destination URL we must put our affiliate link/hop link.  Then click on continue.
See image :

in the next page, you will be asked where you want to show your ads:
- No country targeting : 
Which means your ad will sow in all over the world.
This is good option when :
* You are selling something cheap and suitable for all countries.
* It is also good when you have a low budget, as with this option you can keep your Cost Per Click low.
- Specific country :
Which means you need to select some countries where your ads will show in, with this option you need to select at least 10 countries, 
 *  This option is good if you are selling something expensive, and or something that fits for some countries only.
* This option you better have a little big budget as the CPC cost will be higher than the CPC cost when you select No country targeting,
See image :


In the next page, you have to provide the (Minimum CPC Bid) and the (Average Daily Budget)
- Minimum CPC Bid , is how much you are ready to pay for each click.
of course no one wish to pay more, but putting least amount will not help you, because if the amount you put is below the bidding range, then your ads will not get displayed , which means you will not get any visitors.
So what is the use of advertising if you will not get visitors, then what you should do?
First and before filling the (Minimum CPC Bid) you must click on the link which is below it, the link which says (View Recommended CPC).
See Image :


When you click on (View Recommended CPC) you will get 2 values like this ( $0.08 - $0.5 Suggested )
what does this mean??
This means ( $0.08 - $0.5 Suggested ). 
Bidding less than  $0.08 will not get your ads displayed and you will not get any visitors
No need to bid more than $0.5.
The ideal bid is between the range of ( $0.08 and $0.5 )
See Image :


As you can see in the above image I have chosen the highest end of the suggested bid amount, in my case I twas $0.58
a piece of advice never bid more than the highest end of the suggested and never bid less than that, the highest end is the perfect balance amount to bid.
Also as you can see from the image above I have chosen $10 as my average daily budget, which is how much I want to spend daily,  here I have chosen $10 but that does not mean I will be Spending $10 every day,
it actually means, I may spend $1 I may spend $5 and I may spend $10 but I will never spend more than $10.
Then click on continue.
When you click on continue , the next page will show you a preview of your ad and the options you have chosen.
See Image :


Nothing much to do here unless you wish to edit something, so click on Continue , to go to the 5th stage.
In the next stage you need to create an account with
the form here is self explained.
- Choose a user name
- Choose a password
- Put your email, your address, phone country ...etc.
Then click on Create account.
in the next and last stage , you will need to fund your account.
- The minimum amount to fund your account with is $25, you can fund with more if you want, by editing amount box, but you can not fund by less than the minimum amount which is $25.
- Then you need to choose a payment method :
From the Payment Type, click on the dropdown box to choose a payment method.
You have 2 payment methods to choose from, they are :
Stripe : You can use it if you have any credit card.
wire :   which is you need to make a wire transfer from your bank account to their bank account.
* The difference between paying with stripe and wire , is that paying with stripe will credit your account instantly, while paying with wire transfer may take a day or 2 before the amount get credited to your account.
See Image :
- In either case you need to fill your billing details, which are straight forward.
Once you finish filling the amount you want to fund your StudAds with,  choosing which payment method you want to use, and filling your billing details, you can click on (Fund Account) button to proceed.
- if you Chosen to pay with Stripe, then in the next page you will need to fill your card details and finish the payment, and when you are done Stripe will send you back to your StudAds account and you will find your account has been credited with the amount you have just paid.
- While if you chosen to pay with wire, then in the next page you will see the bank details you need to send the money to , and there will be at the top a reference number, you should keep this reference number.
While you are making the bank wire transfer, if there is an option where you can include a message , then you can put in the message your reference number.
If there is no place where you can include your reference number you should not worry, no problem just finish the transfer, and when you are done , do the following :
Send email to : , you can find their email in their contact page,
in your email make sure to mention, the following :
- Sender name
- Reference number
- Amount sent
- Your email id/ username at
See Image :

Note: if you are from a country that does not use the USD as its main currency, then you need to go to and do a search to check how much a $25 makes in your currency,  and accordingly send that amount.
Well, that is it, once your account is funded then your ads will go live,  and they will start getting visitors and clicks, if you are marketing affiliate products then you need to check your clickbank account for any sales made, and if you are marking amazon affiliate products then you need to check your amazon affiliate account for any sales made ... and so on.
Note, from your very same StudAds account, with the very same $25 funding amount, you can create as many ad campaigns as you want.
and to create any new ad campaign, from the left menu, from your inside StudAds account, you can click on (Manage campaign) then click on (Create a New Ad campaign) 
Best of luck!.

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