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May 4, 2024 - 01:24

1. The first second of my pitiful life

Hello and ty for taking time to read about my life story, as it may be a sorry one, I just feel I want to put my private life on the net somewhere else than my family or friends may know.

1977, november the 14th at 12am my mother started contractions. At around 2:50 on November 15th, my mother started to push my tiny frail lifeless body out feet first. As you may be wondering to yourself, feet first?, we'll, where I was being born, they did not practice C sections at that point in time. So, feet first, wait, I'm not Caucasian baby boy, something must be very wrong, I need you to push lady (Mother), keep pushing, slowly the doctor and nurses pulled my lifeless, black n blue dead body from my mom, after 15 minutes of hard labor. I was born dead at exactly 3 pm. The umbilical cord was wrapped around my throat twice, my lungs were full of mucus, so I must of suffocated to death while being pushed out? The nurses somehow cleared my lungs and performed cpr and a miracle happened, I was now alive. Being born a week early at it, I was destined to not be here. I also was born with pneumonia, and needed to be in an incubator for an week before being released to my mom. Also, somehow someway, I had no brain damage from this miraculous entrance to this crazy world we live in.

If my story is a bit weird, just to let you know, I have adhd, so I am prescribed adderall. I am also taking anti depressants along with two different anxiety medicatadd,

Ok, back to my baby years.

I was a very sickly child. I would catch a cold very easily, get sick enough to even puke all the time. This lasted until the age 10 or 11. Then, out of nowhere,  I never got sick, not even a cold. The only health issue was that I would get bronchitis every year and it always happend in December.  I can't really explain why or how or anything but I just didn't get sick anymore besides a headache, which was usually a migraine and sometimes puking migraines at it. I have a 3 year younger sister, she had caught the chicken pox. So, you would assume, at 6 years of age, I would have got it as well. I didn't, I didn't even have the boosters shots. Weird, huh? 

So, now fast the present day, it's may I belive 2024 ???? haha

I am 46 years old, I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and haven't worked in a year do to 2 surgery's.  Covid has come here and got everybody sick. Weirdly, I was around many people with it, NEVER got it. I currently,  am stuck living at my mom and dads due to surgery and money. They both caught covid,  my sister them and so on threw the family from just being around each other. I did not receive the booster shot as well for covid vaccinations. I have been in and out of the hospital for 6 months now, have had every test done to be able to be put under for surgery. Btw, I have Chronins so, yea.. I also have Earl-dow syndrome,  but I have the best one you could possibly have. What this syndrome is, my skin is very elastic like and I do not wrinkle like normal humans do, so I look 26 rather than 46, also I eat healthy and exercise and all that. My x ray results, showed, my lungs were as healthy as never smoking. I have smoked a pack a day for  20 years now, its time to quit.

Basicly what I'm trying to get at, why do I feel like I am a mutant , like for example wolverine from the x men comics and movies.. why, don't I get sick, why am I the lucky one, I should of either not been born alive and died, or I should.have had alot.of.brain damage from the lack of blood circulation and air to my brain, if I did.survive, I should be so braindead, I considered a vegetable ????. 

I am not the type of.person who goes out and bloats all this out to his friends and girlfriends and family like I'm proud and can't get sick and all that bull non sense. Maybe it's in my genes. I am part indian, Cherokee,  and German from my dad's side. And, to even crazy, my great great great grandpa was the chief of the tribe. He is actually in history books, fought in the revolutionary War, and was walk the trail of tears after all he had done for this country to win and.become the united states of america. .. he passed away around 1860. My grandma, which was his daughter we think, its.really hard to trace indian ancestry, also be 100 and 2000. So yes, not his daughter, but he was her grandfather? Still working on the history, he had 5 or 6 wives witch had 2 to 3 children each over his lifetime. He also owned around 2000 acres in north Carolina and 600ish in west Virginia,  which good.ol usa took from him and sent him on the trail as all other natives in the area.......... I am not proud of this prejudice, rich people ran, only care for the rich country  , what a shit show usa has turned.into the.last 60 years........

So, this is the first chapter I wanted to write about,  my crazy birth, my weird health and yea... I have alot more to post, I just put this out.for.anybody to read and maybe give me their insight into if.i am being weird crazy normal or I need a shrink.

Ty so much if you got this far... bye for now, I'll post.again soon on my next chapter, ( growing up in a nonfunctional family. 

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