Unveiling the Truth: Marriage Realities and Secrets to Lasting Love

Find reality with regards to marriage and the key to an enduring relationship. Investigate the difficulties, the job of responsibility and assurance, and how to help and adore your accomplice. Try not to pass up this educational read

May 7, 2024 - 17:05
Unveiling the Truth: Marriage Realities and Secrets to Lasting Love

Marriage is a black market that you can't see until you enter. U go dey keep thinking about whether a few couples no do romance before they say I do. Accept me truly lengthy romance don't decide an enduring marriage.

What makes marriage last is Responsibility and assurance ,when the two couples discover that their marriage would be for eternity.

When both concur that this marriage ...nothing can break it...not even their difficulties.

Unless we want to fool ourselves, no marriage is perfect, and every marriage comes with at least one setback—ibi to kowaju si e....eyin lo ko si eloomi.

In the event that you are lucky to wed a decent Man/Lady , thank your STAR...you are simply fortunate not that you are great, or most beautiful,or generally splendid or na just you God love. You are just fortunate toripe bo se wu olorun Oba lon se ola.

To the unfortunate Ladies or Men in marriage, it isn't the finish of the world...you can in any case carry on with a satisfied life and accomplish your main goal. Oko/Iyawo lo shi fe...oo shi ile aye wa si...you can still fulfill your destiny. 

I won't ever go along with anyone to fault the people who separate or isolated, they have their own life to live...not everyone be Giran. Certain individuals can't get through any abuse....if some attempt it...they will pass on. Pick the one that pays u.

To the miscreant men that generally think their spouses are Asewo on the grounds that their wives are more extravagant than them, I feel sorry for una.

 God could have foreordained it that the lady will help ur destiny...if u permit inner self cause u to send her away....you are on ur own...o ri ese were oo buu...eeyan gidi wo lo fe gbe tie le?

Assuming your significant other is a trickster, on the off chance that ur spouse is the one doing what you are assume to do in the house..ure well-positioned to help her..turn urself to her driver...take her to any place she needs to go...see what she is doing...so that she wont return home and u will really look at her gasp to check whether she has gone out to lay down with another man.

Not all ladies rest around for cash or favor, a few ladies have the feeling of dread toward God in them....they won't ever get out of hand or screw up. A few ladies won't ever undermine their men regardless of the challenge...some are faithful to the core....some ladies are great women..obinrin alalubarika. What such ladies needs from you is love,trust and support

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