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Jun 27, 2024 - 04:34
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She was the Head Girl of this school and earned the distinguished title of 'Student of the Year 2024'. With an impressive academic record and a passion for art, she is poised to commence her academic pursuits at King's College London. Meet Vedha Jangir, a dynamic recent graduate from Apeejay School International, Panchsheel Park. Her journey will focus on the intricate realms of psychology, blending her artistic flair with her academic ambitions. 

In a candid telephonic conversation, vedha gave us insight into how her school has helped her hone her skills well!

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 Tell us about yourself. 

I joined the Apeejay School International, Panchsheel Park (ASI) in DP-1 and recently graduated. I've always enjoyed cooking and art. Initially, I was not very focused on extracurricular activities, which is why I chose the IB programme; I heard it offered more opportunities in that area.


How do you feel knowing that your school life has ended?


I'm excited about studying abroad and exploring new opportunities. My school life has technically ended, but it doesn't feel that way yet. I've stayed in touch with my classmates and recently met up with them, so I still feel like the same kid who went to school. This new phase feels more like a continuation rather than an end.


Which university have you chosen and what are your goals?


I've decided to attend King's College London to pursue a Bachelors in Psychology. I haven't finalised my plans for my master's degree. However, I've looked into the course structure at the college, and I'm impressed by its diversity and versatility. I'm particularly excited about the fourth-year placement, as I believe it will set me up well for further studies at the master's level.


How has ASI helped you transform?


My journey through the IB programme at ASI has been truly transformative and incredibly beneficial. It's been a significant change for me, especially since I wasn't particularly studious before. The program has helped me become more proactive and take initiative in my academic pursuits.


How did the IB curriculum prepare you for university-level studies? 


I believe the IB programme will greatly benefit me in college. Many of the courses at my college will grant me credit points because of the overlap with subjects I studied in the IB. Additionally, the skills I gained from writing extended essays, completing Internal assessments, CAS, and conducting research will be invaluable in navigating college life.


How were the teachers helpful to you at ASI?


I found the teachers to be incredibly supportive throughout my time in the IB programme. Even when I faced challenges, such as not having a French teacher, our Spanish teacher stepped in to provide materials and assistance, which was greatly appreciated. Overall, the support from all my teachers, regardless of their subject, made a significant difference in my experience.


How will you tackle the challenges in a foreign country?


I feel confident in my ability to handle challenges independently, thanks to my adaptability and flexibility. I've had experiences like going on exchange programs to Australia without my parents and adjusting well. If I do encounter difficulties, I know I can rely on my family for support. Additionally, having a relative living in London where I'll be studying adds a sense of security. Overall, I'm prepared to tackle whatever comes my way with a positive attitude and a strong support system in place.


What advice would you like to give to current IB students?


In my experience, I found it beneficial to manage my time effectively and plan. When I joined the IB programme, I had intended to pursue culinary arts, so I didn't prioritise internships or academics during the first year. However, as my interests shifted towards Psychology towards the end of the DP, I realised the importance of a well-rounded academic background. So I would say, one must plan in advance and beforehand.


What do you like most about ASI?


If I had to pinpoint one aspect of my experience that stood out the most, it would undoubtedly be the teachers. I encountered a diverse array of educators, each playing a unique and pivotal role in my journey. Their dedication and support made a significant impact on me, and I am grateful for the guidance and encouragement they provided throughout my time in the program.

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