Tom Heaton, Scott Carson 2.0

Good morning, here I talk about luxury players, but in a different light.

Jul 6, 2024 - 03:18
Tom Heaton, Scott Carson 2.0

There was me thinking it was only Manchester City's Scott Carson who had the ability to do it, but step aside Scotty, you're fellow goalkeeper Tom Heaton across the city can do it too. I am referring to being able to secure a contract with out too much game time. 

I am not sure if this is due to a secret brotherhood romance between Andre Onana and Heaton, but the former Burnley keeper is not back to where it all began, but continues to prolong his absence. When Tom Heaton did agree to rejoin United it was a surprise. 

It was a surprise the same way Lee Camp agreed to join The Red Devils. The question is surely what kind of rizz has Tom got? Tom Heaton was suppose to be going to Luton. Jack Butland an arguably better keeper was allowed to leave. 

The slippers and socks combo that he's got going on in this photo clearly hasn't upset Old Trafford boss because in some quarters, they say this look is the look of a serial killer. The only serial our Tom is a murder of is a good bowl of Crunchy Nut. 

Maybe Tom is the teachers pet. David Neres once upon a time insulted his (Erik Ten Haag's) hair , maybe Tom Heaton calls him Phil Mitchell and tells him ' you're well hard mate'. Not that I doubt that Heaton can be a Bromantic, but the fact that he continues to be at the club is a mystery. 

Tom are you a good cook and do you make Onana some lovely meals? If that's the case breakfast at Tom's! This isnt the first time where a player has been at the Manchester United for a surprisingly long time.

One other observation I need to make, clearly the spirit of Phil Jones lives on!

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